Last update: May 5, 2024

This is my now page. Here you find what I’m currently up to.

🏡 Life

I’m currently living in the countryside of Northern Germany where my wife, son and I just moved in to our new house. I’m also trying to reduce the amount of plastic waste as good as possible and to eat less meat and more vegetarian or vegan alternatives.

💻 Work

I’m currently working as a Web Designer for news aktuell, a company of the dpa group.

📚 Books

I just read Accessibility for Everyone by Laura Kalbag which is a great book for everyone who wants to learn how to make the web a more accessible and inclusive place.

🎬 Movies

I just watched John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum which is a quite entertaining yet sometimes uninspired and mediocre action movie with a lot of dead people.

📺 TV shows

I’m currently watching Young Sheldon, The Streets of San Francisco and the sixth season of Rick and Morty.

📻 Music

I’ve been listening to Queen, Wednesday 13 and Lorna Shore a lot lately.

🎸 Concerts & Festivals

The last concert I’ve been to was VV in May 2024. The last festival I’ve been to was the Elbriot in August 2022.