Hi, I’m Thorsten Beeck,
a Web Designer & Developer.

Working at the intersection of design and code with 15+ years of experience, I focus on creating user-friendly, inclusive, accessible and sustainable digital experiences.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Production. Being a trained merchant in wholesale & foreign trade, I also have a deep knowledge in business administration.

Currently I’m designing and building websites at news aktuell, a company of the dpa group.

You can also find me on Mastodon, Instagram, Dribbble, Letterboxd, Read.cv and LinkedIn or read my Dribbble interview.


From time to time I built my own ideas. Below you’ll find a small selection of projects I’ve built in the past.

Dear Website Owner
A small selection of helpful tips and links for all types of website owners.

Fancy Bios
A generator that lets you generate your own fancy bio for the web randomly.

James Bond
A website featuring all James Bond actors & movies in chronological order.

A selection of photos I’ve taken over the years you can use as iPhone wallpapers.


Below you’ll find a selection of illustration and branding work I’ve created in the past few years. Check out my my Dribbble profile for more work.


Below you’ll find a selection of photos I took in places all over the world in the past few years. Check out my Instagram profile for more photos.


Below you’ll find a list of various skills I’ve accumulated over the past 15+ years.